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    There is plenty more to criticize (or should I use the new word “critique”?) in these:
    Wording in Dams – length? surely width
    base at the top ????????
    and the dam is only 6 feet wide at the top.

    Dreams – wording – make your mind up
    “involve” “feature” “include”

    Llamas – problem has absolutely nothing to do with llamas, and “use the distributive property …..” which we used to call “expand the brackets (UK)”. What if the student said “half the fence for one side and one end, so they get width = 250 – x, and cannot answer the second bit.

    13 height of triangle – what is a “function rule”? It is either a function or a rule.

    And the last one, Tickets. – the second part looks as though it is after some algebraic manipulation, but simple me says “n tickets cost $36, one more costs $4.50, so total cost is $40.50”

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