The Most Conversational Posts of This Blog’s First Decade

These are the posts that generated the most comments in each year of my blog’s first ten years. Some of them generated so many comments because the ideas I advanced in them were very stupid. This blog regrets the errors.

1Why I Don't Assign Homework133
2Michelle Rhee: Educrush118
3But How Do I Remediate THAT?81
4What I Would Do With This: Groceries159
5The Three Acts Of A Mathematical Story138
6Palo Alto High School Math Teachers: Some Of Our Students Objectively Can’t Learn Algebra97
7Sal Khan On The Difference Between Math And Wrestling Practice101
8[Confab] Circle-Square77
9If Math Is The Aspirin, Then How Do You Create The Headache?77
10The Math Problem That 1,000 Math Teachers Couldn’t Solve203