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True To His Grammar

Tom couldn’t quit if he tried. Here is the fourth in a great set of rap-themed classroom posters and his first nod to the international scene. ¶ Upload these to Snapfish, okay? They’ll print you out a full-color wall poster for under $10.

Swagga Talk

Alright, I’m an idiot for posting this, a link which is gonna appeal to a slim niche of dy/dan‘s already-niched readership.

Swagga Talk is a track off Cam’ron’s new Public Enemy mixtape. It’s profane, crude, misogynistic – standard issue Cam’ron – and, for any language enthusiasts undeterred by those descriptors, totally irresistible.

With assistance from Hell Rell and 40 Cal, Cam’ron rhymes up a comprehensive dissertation of New York’s street slang.

I know you miss us.
We back New York.
You wanna talk like us
here goes some swagga talk.

It’s authoritative. And awesome.

a kilo is a bird
500 grams is a half a wing
Snow cone on my finger
that’s my ring.
Tweeties is yellow diamonds
smurfs is blue diamonds.
Everybody eatin’
that mean the whole crew shinin’.
If you don’t gang bang
that mean you 550 and neutral.

A diamond ring is a “snow cone”!? Oh, man, that’s great.


Master Your Speech

I’ve been enjoying The Jose Vilson quite a bit lately. Kindred rap enthusiasts are rare in this job and awhile back I promised him some sort of rap / English classroom poster. Making good on that here:


  1. high-res jpeg: master your speech
  2. layered psd: master your speech
  3. google large images search: talib kweli
  4. lyrics sheet: “holy moly,” talib kweli
  5. photoshop tutorial: “using light and shade to bring text to life
  6. free font: blackletter
  7. great conversation: rap for english