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dy/av : 008 : preview

The question comes up once per episode: what tools do you use?

I should have compiled a colophon or an FAQ long ago. Tomorrow I’ll take you behind the spikey-topped gates of dy/av studios, but the tour won’t cover many technical specs so I’ll use this space for the colophon:

Hardware. Canon GL2, primary camera. Canon PowerShot S800, secondary cameraa small point-and-shoot useful for shots which demand I (eg.) sniff deodorant covertly in a supermarket. PowerMacG5 (Quad Core, 2.5 GHz, 4.5 GB RAM, ridiculous). Sennheiser Microphone.

Software. Final Cut Pro, the basic sequencer. Adobe Photoshop & After Effects, the one-two punch responsible for anything especially interesting (cf. that bridge shot in the second episode; all of episode seven).

Time. approx. 12 hours per episode split across three hours pre-production (writing), two hours production (shooting), seven hours post-production (editing).

Music. Three artists, almost exclusively. Lykke Li. Jay Z’s live set at Glastonbury. Mike Skinner.

Motivating Question

The ultimate end of your classroom structures should be invisibility. eg. The best classroom management is unnoticeable. The best classroom lesson plan camouflages the planning while pushing the learning to the foreground. The extreme opposite of this is the teacher who creates a new seating chart every day.

  • How have you set up your classroom routine so that the wires and pulleys disappear?

dy/av : 007 : preview

If this arrow isn’t in the new math teacher’s quiver, it oughtta be.

How do you answer the question: when will we use [x] in real life?, where [x] is some abstract concept or, as in my case, the 97% of math that doesn’t explicitly involve “shapes.” I have witnessed and, myself, promoted answers snarky and serious, long and short. You oughtta have something.

Motivating Question

  • When will we use [y] in real life?, where [y] is the abstract corners of the course you teach?

Optional Viewing

dy/av : 006 : carver’s classroom management

dy/av : 006 : carver’s classroom management from Dan Meyer on Vimeo.


police, ethic of care, classroom management, the wire, ellis carver

iPod Edition

dy/av : 006 : carver’s classroom management (640 x 480)


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dy/av : 006 : preview

Yet another perspective on this elephant I call classroom management. Yet another angle on teaching through the tilt-shift lens of television. This time we have a show which deals with, um, police officers in, um, Baltimore, the title of which I don’t want to spoil. So.

Motivating Questions

  1. How does a policeman’s ethic of care mirror that of the classroom teacher?

Recommended Reading

  1. The Truest Thing I’ve Ever Watched Or Written. Spoiler alert, etc.

BTW: I’m on a beach called Playa Grande right now, good and married, so I invited Chris Craft, whose experience as a police officer is far from irrelevant here, aboard to handle commentary. Show him a good time.