Where You’ll Find Me at #NCTMAnnual

The icon on my airplane’s wifi signal indicates I’m somewhere over Wyoming right now, en route to Washington, D.C., for collaboration and conviviality with thousands of math teachers from all around the United States. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with old colleagues and meeting new ones so let me tell you where we’ll find each other. If we’ve met, let’s catch up. If we’re just meeting, let me know what you’re working on or wondering about.


Desmos Preconference Workshop

A picture of the Desmos preconference at TMC in 2017

My team will be running a morning workshop and an afternoon workshop on our newest, hottest technology and activities.

Also: Emdin’s opening session; NCTM Game Night.



ShadowCon will be at 6PM on Thursday in Ballroom B.

Zak Champagne, Mike Flynn, and I have recruited four interesting speakers — Lauren Lamb, Javier Garcia, Nanette Johnson, Andrew Gael — each offering their own variation on a similar theme. The presenters and the organizers collaborated on these ten-minute talks for the last several months. The process was a joy and the resulting talks are really exceptional. We’ll also introduce a new way to continue the call to action of those talks long after they have ended.

Desmos Happy Hour & Trivia

The Desmos Math Trivia Happy Hour is Thursday April 26 from 6:30-9:30PM at Clyde's of Gallery Place in the Piedmont Room 707 7th St NW, Washington DC.

Beep beep! Right after ShadowCon, I’m speed-walking straight to NCTM’s Top Rated Happy Hour Event. Then we’ll commence NCTM’s Highest Grade Trivia Competition. I can’t divulge any of the categories but if you were to brush up on your naughty words that rhyme with math vocabulary, I don’t think you’ll regret the effort.

Also: Sessions with Stiff, Rosen, Briars, Usiskin, Cirillo, Pelesko, and time at the Desmos booth, trying to convince people to buy our free calculators and free activities. (Pretend you don’t see me, friend. Pretend you’re on the phone with your mother. Pretend I didn’t invent those exhibitor-dodging moves. We are having this conversation, friend.)


Full Stack Lessons

I know my talk is at 8 AM. I know that. But I’ll be bringing coffee for at least me and one other person in the room. Maybe three more people if I can find one of those coffee carrier trays.

Here’s the description:

Two teachers can take the same idea for a lesson and experience vastly different results in class. This is often because one teacher taught from the full “stack” of questions and the other taught from just part of it. We’ll look at the contents of that stack and learn how to put the full stack of questions to work in your classes.

Also: Zager, Martin, United Airlines.

I'm Dan and this is my blog. I'm a former high school math teacher and current head of teaching at Desmos. He / him. More here.


  1. Will there be a video available for your full stack workshop. Wish I could be in DC to hear that.

    • I just finished the talk. I’m reasonably certain the video, sound, and slides all recorded. If so, I’ll post it soon. Thanks for the interest.

  2. I can’t make that, but I’m excited that (after following this blog for over a decade) I finally get to see you in May.

  3. Donovan Hayes

    April 25, 2018 - 6:21 am -

    First timer for NCTM, but I’ll definitely be checking out your sessions. I’ve been a follower of the blog and your twitter account since my first year teaching. Now, I’m in my 5th year and starting to fumble my way through some 3 act math and pushing myself to keep on trying new things. I’m excited to see what other teachers across the country are doing! (And, I’m actually presenting myself on Friday morning on how my students choreographed dances based on geometric transformations- complete with video!)

    • That was great.

      Not only was the workshop good, but it’s always nice seeing skills in action. I’ve got a whole new a set of goals to work towards.

    • Waitaminit. Did you say hello?? I’m blanking on any connection b/w people I met and looong time bloggy folk. Feeling like you played this one coy, Mr. K.