Conference Week. Let’s Do This.

Thanks for making the trip all the way out to the San Francisco Bay Area, team. It’d be a treat to run into any or all of you during conference week. Here are my whereabouts.

Association of State Supervisors of Mathematics

Math, Education, and Technology: Reasons for Pessimism and Optimism. Monday. 9:15AM. The Metropolitan Room.

My optimism and pessimism are currently balanced at about 50/50.

National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics

Beyond Relevance and Real World: Talking with Teachers About Engagement in Mathematics. Monday. 1:30PM. Grand Ballroom EFGH.

I’ll summarize some of what I’ve learned from five years of offering workshops to teachers on student engagement in mathematics.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Task Makeover Techniques for Grade 6-12 Math. Friday. 11:00AM. Exhibit Hall.

This is one of those informal “Networking Lounge” sessions. I’ll bring some textbook tasks that are eager for our help. We’ll brainstorm improvements.

ShadowCon. Friday. 5:00PM. Yerba Buena 7.

Zak Champagne, Mike Flynn, and I recruited another set of six amazing speakers from across K-12: Burrill, Bushart, Fletcher, Gutierrez, Kaplinsky, and Turner. We’ll film and post all their talks. They’ll all be eager for your conversation afterwards.

Beyond Relevance & Real World: Stronger Strategies for Student Engagement. Saturday. 9:30AM. 134/135 (Moscone).

This is the last time I’ll give this talk. I’ve been polishing it over the last 15 months, sanding off rough bits, tightening its scope, and adding more practical strategies. I’m really happy with it. I will also record it and post it here shortly after NCTM, so I welcome you to enjoy any of the 57 awesome other sessions NCTM has wedged into that timeslot.

Looking for Some Extracurriculars?

  • Desmos and Mathalicious are hosting their fourth annual happy hour and trivia contest on Thursday at 6:30PM. First round is on us.
  • From 1:00PM to 5:00PM on Friday you’ll find the Desmos Teaching Faculty in the Desmos booth answering any questions you have about our activity builder or calculator. (My slot is 2:00PM.)

Whose sessions are you excited to see? (Here is the unofficial #MTBOS track.) Recommend some new names, fresh voices, or first-timers in the comments below.

I'm Dan and this is my blog. I'm a former high school math teacher and current head of teaching at Desmos. He / him. More here.


  1. Thursday is a toss-up. Two overlapping sessions (in the 3:00 time frame) are vying for my attention. Pop-up Math: Algebra and Geometry through Paper Engineering (Cherubim Cannon, Donna M. Johnson and Janice Porter) and Using Number Talks in Middle School (Joseph Giera, Connie Laughlin and Beth A. Schefelker). Fortunately the sessions are across the hall from each other. Pop-ups are more of a learning curve for me, so I’m leaning in that direction.

    On Friday at 11:00 I am looking forward to Hoyun Cho and Gary Lawrence’s presentation: Challenging (Non-Routine) Problems That Develop Persistence and Creativity. I’m searching for something fresh, something my intervention students will bite on and chew. My goal for them is to become better problem solvers.

  2. Stephanie Haga

    April 11, 2016 - 8:44 am -

    My coworker and I are excited to present for the first time. Our session is at 2:45pm on Friday. We are investigating the math within forced perspective photography. This session was inspired by your talk on mathematical modeling at NCTM 2015. We would love for you come check out our workshop! Session 469: Engaging Students in Mathematics through Forced Perspective Photography (3018 Moscone West)

  3. I’ve tried to scour some tech related sessions for NCTM

    Thursday 8am
    Heid – Productive Dispositions through Tech (2022 Moscone)
    Geometry from SCRATCH (3009 Moscone)

    Thursday 2pm
    TI Concept Connections (120 Moscone)

    Friday 9:30am
    Using Computer Algebra System ALEKS (2022 Moscone)

    Friday 11am
    Facilitating Algebraic Thinking with Tech (2009 Moscone)
    CanFigureIt – an app for supporting Geometric Proof (130 Moscone)
    Various Apps: Edmodo, Desmos, Haiku Deck, Thinklink (2001 Moscone)

    Friday 1pm
    Rigor and Coherence with Tech (3022 Moscone)
    Fetter – Using Tech to Build Concepts (301 Moscone)

    Friday 3:30
    Patterson – Dynamic Geometry (2001 Moscone)

    Saturday 8am
    Demonstrate Relevance with Tech (3010 Moscone)

    Saturday 9:30am
    Framework for choosing Apps (2011 Moscone)


    Not an exhaustive list, just those that stood out when I first tried to parse through the program.

  4. Rissie Lundberg

    April 11, 2016 - 12:27 pm -

    Thanks for posting a video of your talk. I will already be on a plane by that time and I was SO sorry to miss it. Thanks again!!