NCTM 2015 Schedule

Poking my head up briefly to let you know where I’ll be speaking at NCTM in Boston this week:

I really think we should spend Thursday evening together.

From 3:30 on you have a) the Ignite sessions, which are always fun, then you have b) ShadowCon, which is basically the future of NCTM conferences, after which c) your two favorite math education companies want to buy you a drink.

If you’re looking for help with the rest of your schedule, have a look at this list of Internet-enabled presenters as well as any of the names from my list last year.

For my part, if I can only make it to one session, it’s going to be this one.

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  1. … because they’re both smart and they both led the two best-funded digital math textbooks to date (Phil for Pearson; Jere for Amplify). And both of those projects turned out, in at least a few ways, catastrophically. (Pearson press; Amplify press.) I’m hoping to hear about what they learned.

  2. Couldn’t go to Boston. Will you be posting any materials from your sessions? I hope so.

  3. Hi Jane, I’ll be posting video of my talk on modeling (eventually). The Ignite crowd usually films those talks too. Sorry you couldn’t make it but I’ll try to post as many materials as possible.

  4. Dan,
    Sorry that I missed your presentations. I am particularly interested in your The Future of Math Textbooks (if Math Textbooks Have a Future) NCSM talk.
    AND I am sure that Eli, Karim and you had great fun, what a group – really sorry I missed that. :)

  5. Dan, looking forward to seeing your nctm15 modeling video posted. I convinced my curriculum director and principal to attend your talk, and now they want to show it to our entire high school math department and science department to clarify what is and isn’t modeling with mathematics.

  6. I very much appreciated your presentation at NCTM. Is there any chance you’ll be posting your slides?

  7. I attended Phil Daro and Jere Confrey’s talk at NCTM. You recommended it highly and I found it to be one of the highlights of the conference. The session was looking forward much more than looking back and focused on current work that each of them are doing. Jere Confrey presented a new way of looking at the Common Core. It is an updated version of, that is much more usable and proceeds from Big Ideas to clusters and sub-clusters and eventually standards. It is a very reasonable and useful way of looking at the structure of the common core and it brings units and progressions into high relief.

    Phil Daro presented He reported that you inspired and advised on some of the modeling work that is built in. It definitely seems revolutionary and to be pointing at a much more coherent vision of the textbook and of 1:1 implementation.

    Do you have an upcoming post on this? Any specific thoughts on the talk?

  8. Thanks for the great Fake-Math and Ignite discussions! Great job motivating and inspiring a worn-down Pre-Alg teacher. It was great to meet you at Math Trivia (I was the non-Knowles fellow = Normal Person with the Knowles group) and good luck with your PhD! I hope our paths cross again in the future.

    Thanks again!