August Remainders

I’m bringing this feature back on the encouragement of Tracy Zager and because I ought to have more to show for the truly inappropriate sums of time I spend trawling the mathtwitterblogosphere.

New Blog Subscriptions

  • Patty Stephens is an instructional leader in Washington state. I’m hoping she writes more about her Teacher Fellows program, which attempts to build teaching capacity throughout the state. (Ditto Bryan Meyer about his Teacher Partnership Program, while I’m here.)
  • Bridget Dunbar has been blogging and tweeting for years but left her first comment on my blog last week, pointing me to her exceptional post comparing the pros and cons of three representations of the same problem.
  • Ryan Muller is a software developer who writes about education research at his Learnstream blog. He seems curiously unaffected by education research’s typical turf wars, just happy to read and write about what he reads. Refreshing.
  • Timothy McEvoy writes thoughtfully and critically about math edtech, a genre of writing that is in short supply.
  • Tom Bennison runs the #mathsjournalclub chat on Twitter — a discussion group for math education research, which is the kind of social unit I’m already missing from grad school.
  • Julie Reulbach offers us all a daily photo and caption from her innovative algebra classes. Yes, please.
  • Kris Boulton applies our headache metaphor to a question about slope. Watch how his subtle alterations to the same task make its mental controversy more acute. More like this, please.
  • John A. Pelesko and Michelle Cirillo are a university-level mathematician and math education researcher, respectively, and have paired up for a blog dedicated exclusively to mathematical modeling! Their post “Is this mathematical modeling?gets it.
  • Sam Shah’s new group blog around good questioning strategies had me at “Sam Shah’s new group blog.”
  • Nathan Kontny writes breezy narratives about entrepreneurship, at least one of which (on audience) is still rattling around my head one month later.
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  1. “John A. Pelesko and Michelle Cirillo are a university-level mathematician and math education researcher…”


    The blog looks cool, but I’m really tired of the optics of the male mathematician / female math educator that is just *everywhere*.

  2. @Michelle, I saw you get an awesome award for being awesome at MAA in Mountain View earlier this year. You’re an awesome female math educator and mathematician. Thanks for working double time.

  3. I’ll give you awesome educator, but I’m a mediocre mathematician. (But seriously, that’s an awesome accomplishment! I worked hard to get here.) :)