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Every Handout From NCTM

Some people on Twitter were grousing about the inconvenience of clicking every single session link in the NCTM directory to find out if the speakers uploaded handouts. NCTM also mentioned that the handouts would only be available for about a month. For both of those reasons, I wrote a script to crawl all 814 talks and yank out the 208 with file uploads.

So here’s that directory. Or you can download all of the handouts in one big swipe [360MB] if you’d rather.

If you find anything interesting, do let us all know in the comments. It’s almost like you were there!

BTW: My slides don’t make a bit of sense without my voice attached so I don’t tend to upload them or send them around. I will be editing together video from my talk and posting it later this summer, though.

2015 Apr 26. In the comments, Eric Henry asked if my script could be easily tweaked to download all of the NCTM Research Conference’s handouts. It was easy! Man, code is cool. Directory + giant ball of handouts.

NCTM 2015 Schedule

Poking my head up briefly to let you know where I’ll be speaking at NCTM in Boston this week:

I really think we should spend Thursday evening together.

From 3:30 on you have a) the Ignite sessions, which are always fun, then you have b) ShadowCon, which is basically the future of NCTM conferences, after which c) your two favorite math education companies want to buy you a drink.

If you’re looking for help with the rest of your schedule, have a look at this list of Internet-enabled presenters as well as any of the names from my list last year.

For my part, if I can only make it to one session, it’s going to be this one.