[Makeover] Summary

Many thanks to Mr. Weiss for reminding me to compile all of this summer’s makeovers. Here’s every revision principle we applied this summer, ranked from most frequently occurring to least.

  • (9) Add intellectual need.
  • (6) Raise the ceiling on the task.
  • (5) Add intuition.
  • (5) Lower the floor on the task.
  • (4) Reduce the literacy demand.
  • (4) Show the answer.
  • (2) Put students in the shoes of the person who might actually experience this problem.
  • (2) Start the problem with a concise, concrete question.
  • (2) Ask a better question.
  • (2) Delay the abstraction.
  • (1) Offer an incentive for more practice.
  • (1) Enable pattern-matching.
  • (1) Get a better image.
  • (1) Add modeling.
  • (1) Change the context.
  • (1) Open the problem up to more than one possible generalization.
  • (1) Justify the constraints.

If you’re looking for a dy/dan house style, for better or worse, that’s it right there.

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