“The Verb Of My Life Is Learning”

Comedian Louis CK, on bypassing ticket retailers to sell seats directly to fans through his website:

Well, it’s all so interesting. It’s all so interesting. It really is. I love knowing why I was able to sell out in one town, and why I wasn’t in another town. I love knowing what goes into everything–the economics, the technical aspect, and how to create the ideas in the show. It’s great. If you can have access to all of that, why would you not want to know? I just love learning. I think learning is how you live. The verb of my life is learning.

There are people who find failure interesting. Those people’s failures are often more interesting than their peers’ successes. Their lives also tend towards success even though the prospect of a successful life motivates them less than the prospect of an interesting one.

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  1. Allison Armstrong

    August 9, 2012 - 6:47 am -

    I love this quote about the verb of my life is learning. It completely resonates with me. It is so interesting reading your blog Dan, because mostly I don’t understand what you are writing about and then surprisingly I do. I love teaching math like you do and learning. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for sharing this quote dan. Louis CK’s quote personifies what I believe. I’ve added his quote to my “signature.” In addition I’m checking his website to see if he’ll ever be in my area. Mathematics AND humor make my world go round!

  3. This morning as I embark on “new teacher orientation” after having been an administrator for the past 12 years, the quote, “the verb of my life is learning,” resonates strongly! Thanks for sharing it!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this quote! I upcycled it as part of an introduction to business school faculty to impress upon them the need to think about teaching/learning as the verbs, and technology/tools as the nouns. Having started out my career as a language arts teacher, this jives with my thinking, and is an easily accessible way for technology-phobes to conceptualize how they use technology as a tool for learning/teaching. Thanks again for the spark – I added some fuel, and we’ll see what’s burning here in the school of business. Cheers!