Great Classroom Action

Rachel Rosales on Correlation Station:

Today in prob/stats we started our unit on bi-variate data. Completely hijacking an idea from one of my new twitter friends, @druinok, I had the students work through a variety of stations requiring them to do different types of data collections.

Julie Reulbach on Integer Blackjack:

I got this amazing game from Denise at Let’s Play Math. It is played like Blackjack because the kids are dealt 2 cards, and can say “Hit Me!” to get up to 4 cards. They love, love, love it.

Damon Hedman on Possible Or Not:

I first saw this a few years ago at Shodor Interactivate. I think it is a good way to start thinking about functions. My favorite part is having students make up stories for each graph.

Helaina Thompson on Tennis Ball Artistry:

Cornally introduced the project as simply: “Hey! Let’s fill the room with tennis balls. I want you to need a machete to get to your seat.” The students then looked over the Colossal post and there was no stopping them.

2014 Apr 25. More correlations from Jen Campbell’s #NCTMNOLA talk. And Jared Derksen.

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  1. Dan,

    When I went back to teaching 3 years ago after being out of the classroom for ten years, I knew I had some catching up to do. That is when I discovered your blog. In fact, your blog was the first math blog I ever read. It inspired me to be different in my classroom and think outside of the box for my students. I almost feel as I have come full circle since your blog was the first math blog I ever read, and now my math blog has been mentioned on your blog! Thank you so much for inspiring me and many other teachers who want to be better!


  2. Integer blackjack is genius. Really interested in correlation station too, could the person contact me, couple of quick questions your blog post doesn’t answer for me,

  3. I just played integer blackjack with my lower level Algebra students today and they loved it!! We played 5 rounds – all
    14 students playing at once with 2 decks of cards. We kept a
    running total of everyone’s score (we didn’t use absolute value) and the students enjoyed trying to figure out what they
    needed to get closer to zero. Great game!

  4. I love the integer blackjack game, and I’m considering adapting it to solving linear equations somehow with multiplier cards. The students would need to get their total to a non-zero number as well, but I’m trying to keep it from getting overly complicated. Right now, I think my best bet is to make it a group activity where one side of the class is against the other, and I’m up front running the show one equation at a time.