Great Classroom Action

Christopher Danielson on the Hierarchy of Hexagons:

My students proved that no Bob is equilateral. I would like to repeat that. My students proved that a Bob cannot be equilateral. I have never before been able to say that my future elementary teachers proved something. I could say before that they followed a proof I presented. Or that they produced a proof that closely mirrored one they had seen. But never that they proved something. This group did.

Kate Nowak on the Laser Pointer Shuffle:

Hey did you know underclassmen are almost as easy to entertain with laser pointers as kittens? It’s true. This challenge has had them going on and off for hours.

Nathan Kraft on Texting Algebraic Expressions:

Not bad for an English teacher who curls up into a fetal position every time I talk about math. And look! She used a variable! That saved a lot of time. And only five characters were needed! Awesome! What a convenient way to write that expression!

Mr. Owen on Graphing with Desmos:

I was surprised how quickly they were able to do it. They didn’t actually restrict the domains, but they made the general shape just fine. The best part was that they then wanted to know how to color it in. Well, “coloring it in” on Desmos means shading using inequalities. And guess what our next lesson just happened to be on. HA!! GOTCHA KIDS!!

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