101questions Updates

[cross-posted to the 101questions blog]

The big changes:

  • You can upload files now. No more pasting links to external content. You no longer have to upload your image to Dropbox or ImageShack or anywhere else (an incredibly cumbersome step for a lot of people) just to get material onto 101questions. We’re no longer restricted to YouTube’s hardline interpretation of Fair Use either.
  • You can download files now. Click “Actions” on any uploaded first act and then click “Download.” It’s awesome. It downloads whatever file the user uploaded (it won’t pull down content uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo) along with a text file with all the submitted questions.
  • You can get more responses more quickly by sending your link around. It bummed people out that they’d link to a first act and other people couldn’t add a question unless they saw it randomly come up on the homepage. “You should be able to add a question to the page itself,” they said. I resisted but I was wrong and now you can.

The small changes:

  • A pile of corrections to aspects of the UI that annoyed me, Amazon S3 integration, automatic comment subscription, a lot ground laid for the winter update.
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