Scott Elias, Principal, No Longer Sends All-Staff E-Mails

Scott Elias tries something new and blogs about it thoughtfully:

In August, I went cold-turkey and informed my teachers that I would not be sending mass emails this year. I briefly touched on how inefficient email is as a one-to-many communication tool and most nodded along as they’ve all fallen victim to the “TMI” of a colleague who uses “reply all” to share that they wouldn’t make the faculty meeting because they’d been having stomach cramps all day.

This is probably my favorite genre of blog post.

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  1. Sent a quick email to my principal with the link and my personal thoughts on the matter…within 20 minutes we’d met face-to-face and discussed the pros and cons.

    It’s wonderful that administrators are blogging, too! It makes it easier for teachers to advocate for our point of view if another administrator out there has already done something to address institutional inertia.