Interesting Things To See At CMC-North This Weekend

Just impossibly excited about tomorrow’s Northern California math conference. Here’s my tentative dance card, in chronological order, plus a few alternates.

  1. Bix Beaman. Breathtakingly Gorgeous 107 Acres? How’d They Get That? Also: Tom Murray. Blood Count: Are You At Risk?
  2. Steven Leinwand. Converting Typical PD into Real Teacher Development Practices. Also: I’m doing the same talk in this slot I did at Palm Springs last month and will do again at NCTM in April before taking it out back and giving it the Old Yeller.
  3. Harold Jacobs. Mathematical Snapshots of 2011. Also: Brian Lim. Make Use of Structure in High School Mathematics Classes. Scott Farrand, Rick West. Polynomial Surprises. Allan Bellman. You’ve Checked for Understanding – Now What!?
  4. Michael Serra. Teaching Sequential Reasoning Through Games and Puzzles. Also: Breedeen Murray. Beyond Sudoku: Use Logic Puzzles to Develop Reasoning Skills.
  5. Christopher Mackenzie. An Appropriate Tool for Algebra is a Dynamic Spreadsheet! Also: Avery Pickford. Making Common Core Process Standards More than an Afterthought

Other places you’ll find me:

  1. Seeley’s opening night keynote.
  2. Schoenfeld’s Sunday morning keynote.
  3. I’ll be doing one of the talks at Key Curriculum Press’ Ignite event Saturday night.
  4. Lunch on Saturday you’ll find me at the picnic tables as you walk from the venue towards the water. All welcome.
I'm Dan and this is my blog. I'm a former high school math teacher and current head of teaching at Desmos. He / him. More here.


  1. I’ve never been to this, because the timing is so bad for me. Usually it’s the weekend before finals. One week earlier this year, but I still won’t make it. I will hope for next year.

    I’d love to see Harold Jacobs and Alan Schoenfeld.

  2. @Sue I was fortunate enough to hear Harold speak on two occasions at NCTM annual meetings (1988 & 2003). He along with his book “Math-A Human Endeavor” inspired me to stay in teaching in the 1970s. in 2003 Harold had a book signing session for his Geometry text in the Freeman booth. At the time there was still some discussion about a 4th edition of Endeavor which would include more tech references, but it never happened mostly because of his reluctance to venture into more technology because he was already burned by others who wrote to his dismay blackline masters for Human Endeavor. He like Steve Jobs wanted to have total control to keep the product as elegant as possible and Im sure when he saw what others would doing with “support” material he probably referred to them with a Steve Jobs favorite “This is crap.” But in private only, he was too polite to have done it publicly.

    Also, in 2003 I was sitting next to Zalman Usiskin and he whispered to me “Harold is a national treasure.”

  3. I didn’t realize Harold Jacobs was still speaking – I love his Geometry book! Is he online anywhere? I would be interested to see his handouts for this talk if they’re available somewhere…

  4. I’ve been a big fan since I saw you speak a few years back at Asilomar, and still use the HIMYM Hot-Crazy Scale lesson, and some others as well. Your talk today was rejuvenating and a true highlight for me this year, especially since it is so closely related to one of my areas of interest, and some of the things I’ve done with it. I was planning to speak this year about some of my techniques, but now I’m glad I didn’t because I’ve got some more ideas from your talk and am eager to try them out.
    Thanks again!
    -Ethan Weker, Orion Academy

  5. Dan and everyone,
    Does anyone know of a Biology person/group who are innovative with in curriculum change such as Dan? I love following Dan and have turned some Math teachers onto him, my searches end up with nil for Biology. I’d appreciate it if you could pass some contacts to my email. Our LSTA is boring and uninspiring. Thanks