[Help Wanted] Seattle Qwest Stadium Beer Cups

Are any of my readers headed to Seattle’s Qwest Stadium anytime soon? If you are, see if you can score a small and a tall beer cup and take them home. If you’re game, I need three photos:

  1. the menu with beer prices visible.
  2. both cups side-by-side on a counter.
  3. both cups side-by-side on a counter with a centimeter ruler in the same visual plane.

And, yeah, my request ticket has everything to do with this fantastic clip:

[h/t @mcjhn]

[BTW: Bummer. Qwest has already pulled my math unit. Gotta admire their spin, though. “We weren’t ripping off the tall-cup customers. We were giving the short-cup customers a bonus!”]

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  1. Gilbert Bernstein

    January 9, 2011 - 11:49 pm -

    Has anyone tried contacting them? Maybe they could be persuaded to provide some of the cups if we told them it was for education.

    I’m not that much of a sports fan, so I’m not planning on going to the stadium any time soon… but I could probably take a quick trip down to fetch and/or photograph any materials they’d be willing to provide.

  2. @Lee, yeah, good call. Amended above.

    @Gilbert, I’m riding a hot streak right now with corporate lackeys helping me out with information, but asking someone with Qwest to provide me with measurements of two cups which are currently a source of controversy in the sporting world seems unlikely. Or at least beyond my powers of persuasion.

  3. I was at a restaurant this summer that pulled that. My “large” beer was a tall thin 400mL glass, and cost 2 euros more than my wife’s “medium”, which was a short squat 400mL glass.
    I tried complaining, but the unhelpful waiter shrugged and said that’s what their glasses are. The fact that the restaurant was in Florence and I live in Toronto makes it a moot point to say “I’m never going THERE again!”

  4. It’s not a “spin,” it’s the truth. The article states that the “small” cups were mis-ordered, and were actually the “large” size. So, while one might argue that the price of beer at stadiums means you’re getting ripped off regardless of size, they DID UPSIZE the small, not DOWNSIZE the large. People who purchased the smalls were getting a deal. If the “large” cups were actually the “small” volume, then they would have been ripping off the purchasers of the large drinks.