Escape From The Textbook Conference Will Be Livestreamed Tomorrow

I’m not sure while I’m only just now hearing about Escape from the Textbook, but it sounds like it’s broadcasting right on my frequency. The conference runs from 9:15AM to 3:15PM (Pacific), tomorrow, February 12. It’s sold out but they’re livestreaming the event so let’s you and me get a conversation going on the backchannel. See you there, buds. [via Avery]

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I saw your post about an hour before it started, and hung out during the morning sessions. It was fantastic. If nothing else, it allowed me to connect with knowledgeable teachers from all over (and one from the same city I live in here in Michigan — crazy).

    The chat cuts off after so many lines, so it can’t be archived (as far as we can tell), but I kept some personal notes and reaction here if anyone’s interested: