[3ACTS] Shower V. Bath

At a certain point you say to yourself, “Hell, I was never gonna run for city council anyway,” and you put on a pink shower cap and you make a math problem.

That’s the first act. The volume and concentration of responses on Twitter were promising. The entire task is available for free download at the depot. If you decide to try this out with your students, I’d love to hear about it.

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  1. Love it. I have wondered this myself but never thought to try it out. Plan to do this with my HS students and will let you know.

  2. It’s hard to see you in the shower, at top, and there’s only a few seconds of you in the top half of the frame before you enter. As a consequence, I think it might take people a few ticks too long to figure out what’s going on, and by then the video is over.

  3. I wasn’t sold. Perhaps we need a visual of the drains draining to come up with the question, how much water was used? But, maybe it is just me.

  4. How long of a shower can you take before you’re using the same amount of water as a bath? Also, how big of a hot water tank do you have? How many hot showers can you take compared to hot baths? At what point is the hot water used up? I would also like to know how long I can leave the faucet on without overflowing the tub. I would love to see some water displacement action as well. We have eight people in our family, and 3 of the family members take baths, so these are all wonderings I’ve often had.

  5. Great project! I am trying this out this year (12-13) with some modifications with my Pre-Calculus class. I sent them the assignment today (mid-August) prior to school starting in September as a summer project. I plan to build upon it with functions, linear/non linear discussions, etc.

    I plan on posting the good/bad of the project on my blog, 21stmathteacher.blogspot.com. My hope this year is to get it going and refine the project (just gotta try it, refine it — I never wait for perfect or even good).

    It is a great idea, thanks for sharing.