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The Yellow Pages Are My PLC, Ctd.

Clay Reisler e-mails in a real tearjerker this morning. His class noticed that the meteorologist on the local Fox affiliate was charting the weather with unspecified intervals and axes, basically blaspheming the data representation gods.

So they e-mailed Fox and asked for a clean set of graphs to analyze (ie. no meteorologist cluttering up the frame) and Fox obliged! Then the students’ assignment was to compile a list of recommendations and e-mail them back to Fox. End of story, right? Yeah, except Fox took their recommendations to heart!

I hope you’ll head over to room 2001 and show those kids some love for speaking math to power.

Escape From The Textbook Conference Will Be Livestreamed Tomorrow

I’m not sure while I’m only just now hearing about Escape from the Textbook, but it sounds like it’s broadcasting right on my frequency. The conference runs from 9:15AM to 3:15PM (Pacific), tomorrow, February 12. It’s sold out but they’re livestreaming the event so let’s you and me get a conversation going on the backchannel. See you there, buds. [via Avery]

My Application Video For Apple’s Distinguished Educator Program

I use a lot of Apple technology in my curriculum development + I like the people in Apple’s education group + My doctoral interests include communities of practice online = I applied for membership to the ADE program.

They required a video, which I’m posting because a) it’s a 90-second summary of my curriculum adaptation process and b) I introduce Apple to you folks somewhere around the 1:15 mark. I have plenty more remarks – most grateful! – about what the education blogosphere has done for me as a person, as a teacher, and as a worker, but I can summarize 90% of them by reminding you that last week a reader e-mailed a tip about a product which I turned into a WCYDWT math activity which caught the eye of the brand manager of that product who eventually supplied all of us with the company’s internal data on that product.

I don’t really understand that, but I love it.

ADE Application Video – Dan Meyer from Dan Meyer on Vimeo.

2011 Mar 01: I’m in.

2011 Aug 27: If this is something you’d like to show around, let me link up a download for you [hi, lo].

Scott Elias, Principal, No Longer Sends All-Staff E-Mails

Scott Elias tries something new and blogs about it thoughtfully:

In August, I went cold-turkey and informed my teachers that I would not be sending mass emails this year. I briefly touched on how inefficient email is as a one-to-many communication tool and most nodded along as they’ve all fallen victim to the “TMI” of a colleague who uses “reply all” to share that they wouldn’t make the faculty meeting because they’d been having stomach cramps all day.

This is probably my favorite genre of blog post.