Working At Google v. Working At A Public High School

I carried a pedometer in my pocket all day every day from January 1, 2010, up until March 6, 2010, when I lost it somewhere in the New York City subway system. My 2010 Annual Report will be all the worse but I could at least salvage one interesting infographic:

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  1. After teaching for a year, I’m at a healthier weight than I’d been for the previous decade. (Carrying around my 1-yr-old probably factors into that as well though.)

  2. Look around during your prep period and you’ll notice the teachers who walk and those who don’t. I always find that on lab days (I teach physics) I’m tired at the end of the day due to all the laps around the room watching, questioning, and commenting on my students’ work.

  3. i’m skinny already. i went from 10st to 9st 9lb in my first three weeks of teaching and i’ve never got it back. i also eat all sorts of crap.