What You Can Expect From This Blog For The Next Week

[BTW: A quick welcome to my new NCSM / NCTM buds — if you’re looking for some of the curriculum development ideas I mentioned in my talks, you can find those in the What Can You Do With This? category.]

A lot of conference blogging.

The national conferences for both math teachers and math supervisors are in my state this year. Generally speaking, I’d still take a pass but a miraculous coincidence of funding and timing was tough to ignore. Key Press is covering travel in exchange for one of those five-minute Ignite sessions and Friend Of The Blog, Ihor Charischak, hooked up a spare registration badge.

Plus, my school is enjoying the full battery of standardized tests this week so, clearly, the universe wants me in San Diego.

I’ll toss out a single daily dispatch, probably nothing more. Gratuitous technical note: I’m going at this one iPad only — both for blogging and presenting. The experience typing this out in the San Jose airport has already been plenty annoying (owing mostly to the lack of copy/paste in the WordPress app) so I wouldn’t be surprised if these daily dispatches turn into something less than daily.

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  1. No problem. They had me up first, which was fine. Nearly everyone’s was killer, top-notch, first-rate. They’ll have them all online soon and I’ll re-post them.

  2. BTW. Not that anyone’s coming around here whimpering like a puppy, wondering why there aren’t any conference updates, but I’ll probably post them next week. This whole no-wireless thing is a serious buzzkill. I’m here early right now, using the “Cyber Cafe,” tapping out some e-mails like it’s Paris during World War II. Seriously.

  3. Please post the ignite sessions – I’d love to hear what Brian Lawler had to say. I’ve learned a lot from him over the years.

    Oh, of course I want to see yours too. :-)