I’m taking my first trip to New York City today and speaking at TEDxNYED tomorrow. Rumor has it they’ll feature a live feed on the website and the schedule indicates I’ll be speaking somewhere around 17h00 EST, if you’re interested. Some of these other people might have something to say also.

I'm Dan and this is my blog. I'm a former high school math teacher and current head of teaching at Desmos. He / him. More here.


  1. I’m one of the TEDxNYED organizers and I can confirm the rumor. Believe it, all content will be live at: http://www.tedxnyed.com

    I am personally super-excited to see you present. I love your blog and forward it along widely. Two of my faves are teaching slope with airline ticket prices and how printer ink is more expensive than oil.

  2. Nice talk :) Thanks for the heads up! It’s been a pleasant Saturday watching TEDxNYED as I plan my own classes and I enjoyed googling the different speakers to learn about what others in the field are up to.

  3. Someone will post the link here once it’s up, right? (I did catch it live thanks to a message from Jackie, but one of my colleagues here would probably like this a lot.)

  4. Dan,

    Great to see you present yesterday. Your method of eliminating the scaffolding from textbook problems is simple and powerful. I’ll be passing this along to my colleagues when it is uploaded.

  5. i too would be interested in the link b/c i failed to remember when it was you were talking. I am quite intrigued by your methods.

  6. Dan. Great talk. You got a lot of people thinking and for that we at TEDxNYED are deeply grateful.

    To answer Josh G’s question, yes, Dan’s talk will be posted. We are in the process of post production and will put the videos up on the TEDx YouTube site in the next two weeks.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work.

  7. Dan – fantastic job yesterday at TEDxNYED. A former (and sometimes current) h.s. math teacher, I’m a huge fan of the blog and your approach to the profession, and it was great to see you in person. Question – how do you feel about using screencasts to frontload “direct instruction” as homework assignments? It occurred to me this might clash with your no-hw philosophy… or maybe not.

  8. @Jim, I attended a talk by one of these guys and liked the idea. A lot. But I only see it working with a whole department buying in. The front-end work of recording those podcasts and then writing your in-class curriculum seems so intense you’d have to have a lot of students using them to see a passable return on investment.

    @AnonMouse, read it on the plane. I’m excited to see Lemov’s Taxonomy. I’m not excited to see the edublogosphere tear him apart, though, and I’m positive they will. They’ll call it “behavioralism” and claim it puts too much emphasis on the teacher. I think Bud Hunt’s reaction is pretty well measured as far as these things go: “it seems reductionist AND useful.”