Help Wanted: Road Curves

I’m muddling through a WCYDWT unit on modeling right now and I’m short on data. If you know of a curve that’s preceded by a recommended speed sign, would you copy the link from Google Maps and paste it into the comments. Obliged.

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  1. Hi Dan,

    We have a famously horrendous interchange between two major interstates in Columbia, SC. It has earned the nickname “Malfunction Junction” because it is so poorly designed. In fact, many many crashes occur there.

    Here is a link to the beginning of one of the worst curves, going from I26 to I20, where trucks often turn over, hence the warning.


  2. Don’t have the link/time to look it up right now… but if you’re ever near the south(ish) end of Santa Cruz, on the 1, coming into town… there’s that crazy right split where it joins the 17… the ‘Curve Sharpens’ sign where you need to drop to 15 mph before speeding up to avoid getting run over by the cars on the 17.

    … If you’ve ever driven it, you’ll remember it. If not, I’ll try to post the link later…

  3. Here’s one in suburban Michigan!,-83.308575&spn=0.00467,0.017166&z=17&layer=c&cbll=42.566493,-83.308449&panoid=9QbI6CxZglgQ0P987kT7Uw&cbp=12,130.69,,0,-11.82

    And here’s another!,-83.32497&panoid=KfllLYsdQTO_79btRDmGtg&cbp=12,90.89,,0,5&ll=42.568759,-83.325098&spn=0.009276,0.026157&z=16

    Strangely, there’s no sign for drivers going the opposite direction…

  4. wow! looks like you’ve got a lot already.

    this road near silverton is like that scene in pee wee herman’s big adventure where you get multiple curvy’s. there’s no specific addresses, but if you google for Silverton, U.S. 550, CO you’ll see what i mean in terms of curviness. many of those curves have signs before them.