One Note On Modern Photography

I closed out the summer with a rafting trip on the American river. I took one of these disposable jobs along and had three recurring thoughts:

  1. “Waitaminit, there’s no image preview?”
  2. “Waitaminit, there’s only 24 shots?”
  3. “Waitaminit, I’m supposed to wind this thing?”

How am I supposed to explain any of this to my children?

[image source]

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  1. (The avid whitewater kayaker chimes in …)

    Stick your digital camera in a ziploc baggie and you’re all good. Now winding necessary. If you want to go for the big bucks, pony up $5 for an Aloksak (which I probably horribly misspelled). It is supposed to be nearly invisible for taking picture through but is much tougher than your standard baggie.