My Annual Report 2008

We have entries from Collette Cassinelli, Simon Job, Fred Knauss, Alice Mercer, and Sam Shah (did I miss a trackback?) with five days remaining in competitionEntry page here.. I finished my own (out of competition) entry last night while recovering from a flu / bronchitis combo and posted it here.

I abandoned it, to a certain extent. My content means a lot to me, if only because I bothered to track the data all year long, but my design work is simply functional – a staid set of bar charts and line graphs. See you next time.

I'm Dan and this is my blog. I'm a former high school math teacher and current head of teaching at Desmos. He / him. More here.


  1. I can see the tweets line just fine. Maybe Kevin needs to plug in his laptop?

    I like your slides, and I like them better than Feltron’s work. Your hand written notes contextualize the data in just a few words. Feltron is better looking (although I think yours look fine), but I get more “story” from yous.

  2. @ A. Mercer
    I was looking at it on a desktop machine, not a laptop and the display is on the factory default settings. If you have to twiddle with the display to make a graphic visible, then there is something wrong with the graphic. In this case, far too little foreground/backgorund intensity contrast.

  3. I’ve gotta start deleting this guy when he shows up. This guy’s like Tom Hoffman, stripped of any actual insight. Either he starts contributing value commensurate to his tiresome self-obsession or he’s gone.

  4. I’m gone. If you only want “whoo you’re great” comments, I can’t help you. Some of your observations were interesting, but I can live without them.

  5. I ran the data through Excel to get the scale right on the bars and lines. Then I brought those graphs into Photoshop where I laid some formatting down on top of them.