Like Littler Versions Of Us!

It was the National Day of Silence today while it was the Tax Day Tea Party two days ago. As participating students filed into my classroom, I was struck by their facial expressions. Some were appropriately solemn and reflective. Others stifled smiles, their silence just an affectation, protesting for the sake of protest. There were also provocateurs, students looking to undermine anything that gave the impression of sincerity.

Mostly, I was struck by the bijection between student protesters and adult protesters. Every fringe or mainstream character you’d find at a tea party you’d also find in my sixth period classroom, only smaller and a little more obvious about their motivations.

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  1. I agree Dan, even at first grade my classroom is full of the same social interactions I see in the staff room. I really hate it when someone says first graders are so cute. They are not “cute!” They are very interesting, inquiring, and, yes, at times, entertaining little people. They have their own ways of exploring and experiencing the world, and my classroom is often one of the first places they interact with personalities, biases, and values different from their own families. Watching these young people as they develop successful, and sometimes, unsuccessful social skills is one of my favorite parts of teaching. And, yes Mr. Teach, it is very interesting to meet parents and see from where these little people’s perspectives come from.