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  1. Now English teachers are hoping they can score a victory and have the scare quotes removed from “was”.

    Unless, I suppose, it’s there for a reason, and the guy still is a fat slob?

  2. Notably, however, they still haven’t changed the lighting angle (nor perspective?), both of which would seem to exaggerate any “benefits” of their product.

  3. My weight loss secret? Open up power point and “stretch”! Who need high end photo-editing programs? Photoshop? That’s for rich losers to cover up plastic surgery scars!

  4. The guy still needs a good shave, though…

    Is there another story here involving the tats? Is that a lot of tattoo growth for 4 weeks (I have no idea)? Is the secret to weight loss really being strapped into a tattoo chair nonstop?