How I Roll

At 21h23 last night, Nate Gravelle, a student of mine, commented to let me know he had demolished my Flight Control high score. He attached a screenshot:

At 7h30 this morning, I spent ten minutes of useful prep time digitally fabricating my own high score:

At first he swears I’m lying. Then I dupe him with the screenshotWhich, side-by-side with the real deal, looks pretty sad. and he fumes for a second, then swears he’ll top me. I doubt he’s looked up from the iPod Touch he’s tucked beneath his desk since school began.

Let’s keep this between you and me, ‘kay?

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  1. Why not erase the number from the original screenshot twice and replace?

    Maybe you’re just going a more artistic route?

  2. Intentionally giving him a chance to see it’s wrong.

    He says after a moment of denseness.

    Feel free to delete both as I need no further evidence of stupidity accumulating on the Internet.