Excellent Math Blogging

These two are fresh. If you subscribe now, you can say you were into them before they got big.


Tony Alteparmakian is a 2009 Leader in Learning enacting Chris Lehmann’s vision of classroom inversion (though I don’t doubt they came to the idea separately). Their idea is that we should send our students home with what used to constitute classroom time – the lecture – and spend classroom time on labs and teacher-led enrichment of that material.

Obviously, that vision comes fully loaded with complications but Tony is resolving them one-by-one in a how-to series that has only just started.

Also, I dig his redesigns. It’s hard to argue with slide transformations like these.




Sean Sweeney is an extra-value meal. In one corner of the edublogosphere you have the edtechnologists, the district IT staff, the ICT professionals, the policy wonks, etc., all asking huge, important questions about merit pay, technology integration, assessment, online schooling, etc., and posing reckless hypotheticals about limitless resources with nothing less than the future of education at stake, and all of it makes me grateful for guys like Sean who are driving 90MPH up the right lane, offering educators something they can use in the classroom right. now.

I’m talking about his quadratic catapult project. Or his Graphing Stories remix. Or his exercise in grocery store estimation. And that’s his output over two weeks.

This is math-instruction-as-artistic-expression and it’s cool as hell to watch.

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  1. Hi Dan,
    I’m just starting to discover this new e-world of teachers and have really enjoyed your last couple of blogs thus far. Are there any others that you would recommend besides these two? I teach all the way from h.s. pre-Alg to AP Calc this year.

  2. Wow Dan, thanks for the shout out! Not just the mention, but the words you wrote made me feel great as well. I was wondering why my email was being spammed with twitter follows overnight…