Does Size Matter?

While maybe not reflective (on its own) of any massive change in my pedagogy since I started teaching, the growing size of each year’s lesson folder does reflect my growing tendency toward visual mathematical multimedia.

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  1. Christian Long

    July 16, 2009 - 8:43 am -

    Been thinking about this for a long time. Actually come back to this post several times since last month. Keep coming back to a very simple thought:

    Thank goodness for Moore and his law.

    An addendum that comes to mind today:

    Thank goodness for your ability to thoughtfully, creatively, astutely push on all those digital gigibytes to help me (and others, I suspect) explore and ask lovely questions in/out of the classroom.

    Makes you wonder what your file quantities/narratives (and storage possibilities) will be when you walk across that stage, PhD cap atop you dome and all. Hopefully Moore will continue to be proven true along the way.

  2. Love this, and also, wonder how you organize your files. I’m in my 4th year, my 2nd one using visual media heavily (especially in my AP Stats class) and I’m juuuust starting to run into, “Now, where did I put that file that I really liked from last January–no, wait, it was from February…” problem.

  3. I keep two subdirectories in each year’s folder, one for Keynote files and one for handouts.

    The Mac OS does a pretty good job indexing the handouts so I can easily find “proportions” or “quadratic” as long as that word shows up somewhere in the file name or in the file itself.

    Where I blow it is in my image- and video-heavy slidedecks. Unless I write down the content of the medium or the standard it addresses, it may as well be invisible to my laptop’s search engine.

  4. After stealing Dan’s idea of teaching and testing concepts, that’s how I now organize my folders: one top one for the course (i.e. algebra) with a bunch of folders of the form ##-concept where the number matches up with their grade sheet & the test numbers. Handouts & slide decks go in the same folder. I’d like to keep my test questions there too, but I don’t have an easy tool to pull the together for the actual tests.