This never fails to crack me up, like the homework problem is Miley Cyrus and the whiteboard is our Pacific Garden Mall. Or something.

Other classes are even savvier, with smaller groups of friends rotating to one student the responsibility of sending the photo to the others. Digital natives, 21st-century skills, etc.

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  1. In one of my classes, I take pictures of notes on the board, e-mail them to Facebook and voila! – notes on the internet.

    I even take the time to tag my classmates. Haha.

  2. That is pretty adorable.

    One of my classes has a student named “Ralph”, and now it’s their thing to call it a “gralphing calculator”. It still doesn’t fail to crack me up.

  3. Gah … that’s great. I hope we’re all on the same page around here that you have to run with that stuff for all it’s worth. Better than a few kilos of classroom management, cute in-jokes like that one right there.

  4. Ha, love it! Most teachers would probably “freak out” if they had students doing this! I’ve always tried to take a picture of math equations in my mind, so this is the next “logical” step. Take the picture in my mind and then know that I can quickly bring it back to life.

  5. I think that having a picture of what students saw in class is a great way to review what was learned. I think I will suggest this to my college students.