Contest: My Annual Report II

I hate to repeat myself like this but let’s run this one again.

Throughout 2008 I tracked dozens of variables, most collected from categories of geographic location, recreation, food & beverage, and communication. I collected these data in an Excel file comprising 14 worksheets in excess of 100,000 cells. The process took minutes per day and that minimal investment is paying out huge returns here at the end of the year as I learn new techniques for data analysis, extrapolate conclusions from 2008 – some of which I knew intuitively while others surprised me – and represent them visually.

The work has been nothing short of exhilarating and I want to encourage you to undertake it also.


  1. Design information in four ways to represent 2008 as you experienced it. This can mean:
    • four separate PowerPoint slides with one design apiece,
    • one JPEG with four designs gridded onto it,
    • an Excel spreadsheet inset with four charts,
    • etc.

    Feel free to use pies, bars, dots, bubbles, Sparklines, stacks, or designs of your own construction.

  2. Submit your designs. Either:
  3. Post your reflections either:
    • in the comments here, or
    • at your own blog.

Illustrative Examples

  1. Last year’s entries.
  2. Nicholas Felton’s 2008 Report, to which this content owes a debtTo all the armchair graphic designers hating in the comments, time to give it a shot yerselves..


  • Monday, February 2, 23h59, Pacific Standard Time


  • TBD


Prizes for First Place, First Runner Up, and People’s Choice Award. Don’t forget to declare your winnings next April, etc.


  • You own your images, though we’ll post them here (attributed) and, in all likelihood, pick several apart.
  • Let’s limit this to those with some demonstrable connection to education – students, teachers, professionals, edubloggers. Basically, no professional designers slumming it.
I'm Dan and this is my blog. I'm a former high school math teacher and current head of teaching at Desmos. He / him. More here.


  1. I’m always the first submitter aren’t I?

    I did not think that pic was going to curry favor, it was just, right visually. But as always, you will either agree or think my taste was all in my mouth.

  2. OK, I’m in. Now I just need to convince my wife that I’m busily planning my semester instead of creating an Annual Report. :-)

  3. I had fun creating my 4 slides. I spent more time that I had but not as much as I would like to create this. Makes me wish I had some fancy graphics software and the time to learn to use it.

  4. Sent my entry in by email. “Entry” loosely, I suppose, since I’d no real intention of competing. Still, it was an interesting experience. I had no idea how much time and money I spent on my cell phone.