Todd Seal earns the melodramatic title of his post, How Will We Survive?:

My library has already been cut. We will have no bookroom clerk, making novels almost an impossibility and replacement costs much higher than previous years for sure. We will lose one adviser, the person we send students to when they are problematic. We will have a total of fifteen more students each day, meaning that we’ll teach five and a half classes for the same pay as we usually get for teaching just five. The reproduction clerk is gone, meaning that we all will have three-hundred copies per month, end of discussion, and we’ll have to allot time to make those copies ourselves instead of dropping them off and picking them up later. The whisper has it that our athletics director will go away. There’s even talk of moving to two administrators, dropping from our current three. All these things mean that folks will be placed back into classrooms, where the newly christened teachers will be the first on the chopping block. This news comes before what are rumored to be even larger final budget cuts. I can only imagine what further decimation will happen after that.

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  1. Well…at least there is the NY Senate to take attention away (temporarily) from our budget mess ;-). Ate lunch at Capitol Park today, lots of suits out for a lunch time walk, you’d never know the place was about to go broke.