This whole Diigo thing cracked me up, everyone claiming they’d been pushing it for years, like me and my friends claim lifelong allegiance to bands the second they get signed. It seemed funny enough for remark but, wow, did I ever miss the mark with that one.

It’s tough to tell if Clay is genuinely wounded or, rather, really really really happy for the opportunity to thwack me with his 9-iron but, regardless, my editorials aren’t worth anything to me if they bother hard-working bloggers that much and blotch up the edublogosphere.

My fault, Clay.


I have no idea how seriously to take Clay Burell’s umbrage now that he’s deleted his poison pen letter [cached]. Apparently, with his full-bodied rant, he was just trying to teach us all that bullying is bad. Astonishing.

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  1. I preferred the first version — reactionary, absurd — over the new version — pompous and bizarrely self-satisfied. But you never should have driven him there, Dan. Stop being such a bully.

    You big meanie.

  2. By the way, since you want the April Fool’s post to be read, I made it public again. Your cached version doesn’t include the comments, which are predictably mixed. I get slashed in an anonymous one, kindly disagreed with in another, and mostly agreed with in the rest.

    Bizarre indeed.