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  1. Perhaps visual literacy is something one must pull out of a top hat after rejecting reading this book?

    No, no…visual literacy is gardening with Andy Warhol. *That’s* it.

  2. This is the part that kills me:

    …provides guidance on many topics including: the subliminal effects of color (which ones to use, which ones to avoid), appropriate use of typefaces and fonts, the role of text and bullets vs graphical images, clip art vs photographic images, killer charts, graphs and templates, new approaches to presentations and learning, the hows and whys of visual humor, and finding high-quality, no-cost visual resources…

    It’s not unlike our tech coordinators who demonstrate powerpoint with billions and billions of bullet points and every flying transition in the package.

    No wonder teachers can’t teach.

  3. @bill, benjamin, nope that is obviously will arnett as gob bluth. And the rabbit is dead.