The Best Article I Read On My Honeymoon

I found dy/dan listed as a “video-blog” the other day which means I should probably a) clarify to new, unwitting subscribers that this video thing has an expiration date, and b) return to writing, however irregularly.

So on my honeymoon, I read:

Recut, Reframe, Recycle, in which a blue-ribbon panel of lawyers, judges, and legal experts distill Fair Use into layman’s terms, leaning as heavily on viral video citations as legal precedent for illustration.

The culture that is emerging can be channeled, encouraged, even deformed, but it cannot be cut off. The people formerly known as the audience are not returning to their previous state. Tomorrow’s makers will continue to use the popular culture they interact with as raw material for their own work.

Yeah. Thought that’d get your participatory media motors running. An incredible document, if you’re even slightly inclined toward video production and Internet distribution.

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  1. After a quick browse through looks like a great article / will need to work my way through the video clips as well.

    Like the discussion of Fair Use – so many teachers have such a poor understanding of the concept that one of two things happens.

    1. They use everything and anything because “it’s for school so it’s okay.”
    2. They use nothing and allow their kids to use nothing because they’re so afraid of violating copyright.

    We’ve put some resources together at:

    (But a bigger concern is that you are reading school-related stuff on your honeymoon!)