The 2008 University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt

The University of Chicago annually hosts the most comprehensive scavenger hunt you have ever seen, comprising eighteen pages, 269 items, and a 1,000 mile radius, and then they post the list.

I’m trying to figure out which of my known readers is gonna flip for these items like I do annually. Favorites culled from the first few pages while my last class took its final exam:

  1. A mouse maze of revolving doors. Points will only be awarded if the mouse gets cheese. [27 points]
  2. Get Obama’s haircut at Obama’s barbershop. [6 points]
  3. Eighty-six 1986 pennies. [19.86 points]
  4. A ray-gun with the big elliptical reflector and everything, only the ray is made of sound. Don’t hurt anyone, but if you’re firing at me, the beam should sound a lot louder to me than it does to the guy a few feet away. [13 points]

Okay I’ve gotta quit but, seriously, someone get these people a MacArthur grant.

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