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  1. Just discovered his untimely/heart-breaking death myself today. Agree with you in terms of his impact and unique potential. The field of talented writers and other creatives is littered with a few that were incapable of sustaining a healthy/balanced life over time. The research and anecdotal evidence goes well beyond my need to repeat it, but it still isn’t easy to grasp how someone like him can seemingly be poised for exceptional greatness…and suddenly choose to throw it away.

  2. What’s even worse, Christian, is that DFW seemed to understand – as evident in the aforementioned commencement address – that exceptional greatness was really a quotidian matter, not some monumental thing of epic proportions. Pardon my language, but Wallace GOT that the world is a fucked up place, but he also seemed to get – if his writing is any evidence – that a certain type of dignity and understanding proffers a way through. I feel sick.

  3. I had a thing published a little while back and the title the editors chose played on “Consider the Lobster.” I recognized it as a joking reference but didn’t investigate further. I wish I had.

    I’m not sure what I’m trying to say here. Maybe that even a belated realization of the undeserved grace of this peripheral association with Wallace might be worth something, at least. To me, and to the other folks who undoubtedly will discover his work through his death.

    Got some reading to do.

  4. Hey, what happened to your Tags??? Where’s all your good stuff about design/PowerPoint/Keynote/Presentation/Storytelling?

    Your blog is my del.icio.us

  5. That’s three people in the last twelve hours asking wtf with the tags. Lost ’em in a WP upgrade. Gonna get (most of) ’em back. Pour one out for DFW while you wait.