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  1. Thanks for this Dan. I showed my undergrad students this video last week, and they are now working on project proposals. I will throw this post at them to see if any of them want to take on the challenge. Thanks for the analysis on the video and the idea for a visual literacy project.

  2. dan: you should read the educational imagination by elliot eisner…it will knock your socks off. your work on this blog reads as if it were inspired by his writing on educational criticism/connoisseurism.

  3. Does one need even one more reason to embrace Radiohead?

    As I prepare to use this upcoming summer to do a deep mental dive into the land of Joseph Campbell’s ‘hero journey’ as a larger framework for my 10 grade English students next fall while simultaneously supporting a colleague’s further adventure into a film making class of his own, I feeling deeply blessed by this post of yours, Dan.

    No doubt it’ll be shown next fall in my classroom. No doubt my kids will be thinking about your use of visual metaphor and the lean-into-writing elements you so aptly focused on here. No doubt I’ll remain hungry for even more good stuff on this front from you, too.

    Thanks for giving my brain something to feast on this evening as I drive home.

  4. @Vincent, yours is the sort of comment that drives me nuts, basically informing me that I coulda had the product of years of trial, error, and introspection had I bothered to read a book once in awhile.


    Anyway, thanks. Eisner’s now at the top of a long list.

    @Christian, glad to help. Glad to you know you dig good music.

  5. Finally watched the video. My only nitpicky issue with it – I think I’m the teacher who ruffles her students’ hair. Sorry.

  6. Fantastic deconstruction! My big question has always been… How did the director/producer arrive at such a poignant story about human trafficking when so much of Radiohead’s song seems to be about love and longing for a woman? Where’s that metaphor?

  7. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much connective tissue, there. Like someone just saw an awesome, propulsive track and went for it.