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  1. It’s a bit early for either GTA IV or Ironman, I think.

    The other guess involves 4/20.

    If it’s the latter, my guess is that it’s better if I don’t know.

  2. I made the mistake of asking for a the value of the sine of 420 degrees a while ago. Needless to say, quite a few students were distracted by the thought of 4/20. I said I wasn’t looking forward to that day. One of my students told me not to worry, it falls on a Sunday this year. This was in February.

  3. My “favorite” 4/20 distractors: Hitler and Columbine. Of course, Hitler is more effective since Columbine happened in 1st grade for my students.

  4. I had a sophomore ask me if I was going to 4/20 it this weekend. Here, and I didn’t know what 4/20 was until college.

    That might just speak to my own obliviousness.

  5. This is, like, my dumbest post ever. My mind was far from 4/20 and more on the double release of Grand Theft Auto IV and Iron Man, which will keep your teenage boys out of the sunlight all. freaking. weekend.

    Just not this weekend. Mr. K wins. I lose.

  6. We’re on Spring Break. I’m assuming all of my students are on their private yachts in the Carribean, as I am. No *chance*of getting high out there. Ha!

  7. For #1, The politically correct answer: Having age appropriate enjoyment in various leisure activites that all teenagers like.

    #2 I probably know what there doing, but don’t want to know!

  8. I actually asked my students this and got the following responses from males and females alike:

    1. School Talent Show — Most are planning on attending or being in it.

    2. Watching some television show about Vampires. It is the latest fad at the school.

    3. Going to the mall on 4/20 to see other folks high.

    4. Had quite the debate about Ironman’s opening date but I don’t think it is opening this weekend.