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  1. Felton’s stuff is just sick. I’m quite literally embarrassed looking at the newest report. I was impressed before but after attempting to do something even remotely similar I’m amazed.

  2. I love the flowchart. And the Yak Milk Tea.

    Also, I am curious where the New York map came from. I’m not sure where to find an existing road map with that perspective, nor how to modify a normal one to look like that.

  3. I’d bet a steak dinner those maps are homebrewed.

    Guessing: he grabs a GoogleMap of Manhattan (same with the maps of the world), vector traces it in Adobe Illustrator, which renders all the street lines a) infinitely scalable and b) infinitely distortable.

    Then in Photoshop he uses the Distort tool.

    Just guessing.

  4. No doubt. Just because I can explain how it might’ve happened, doesn’t mean I could come within a stone’s throw of reproducing it.

  5. OK, I’ll be that kid that slides the assignment in under the door after hours without asking first :) Posted my attempt late Saturday night, or rather early Sunday morning, and noticed only Monday that there was a big technical mistake in it. So I’ve reposted it for the fun and the participation points and the good company.