Oh Yeah, And This Other Thing:

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I mean, look at this spread. Seriously. I get this thing in the mail every month and every month I stand in front of my box for, like, twenty minutes, shocked that this thing is pitched at adults, shocked that I pay for it.

Still can’t figure out if Reg Weaver’s going for Goofus or Gallant, tho’.

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  1. Upon closer examination, painful and disturbing as that process proved to be, it is evident that Sir Richard Simmons is actually reaching forward, begging, through Botox-tightened eyes, to get him the hell out of that magazine.

    Even he has some standard of decency.

    Remember, don’t judge a man by his wardrobe. Or his propensity to run with the heavies.

  2. Richard Simmons is back people! He is the new “It” man of 2008! His career has been revived thanks to the wonderful ad on ESPN (www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIr6GLBj_jc)

    And really, who can argue with Richard’s intensity and fashion sense! Imagine the eyes of our students if we could approach the classroom each day with the same enthusiasm!!

    I sense we might see some jaws drop and grades rise!

  3. Oh my god, I saw that the other day… it was surreal and highly awkward.

    And I don’t want him to “love my students.”


  4. Wow! That’s bad! I’m in the AFT. Ours is a bit better. I guess they figured people would read it. I bet it’s in the bathrooms of teachers all across America. GO USA! Woo-Hoo! Yeah!

  5. Yeah, my wife (a 4th grade teacher) and I reserve a special place in the wicker basket full of really old mail-order catalogs for our NEA Todays. I can proudly say I have never read single one of them before shipping them off to recycling to be turned into toilet paper. Karma is a b@tch…

  6. Hey, don’t diss Highlights! It’s one of the few elementary level content providers that has an RSS feed. I’m NOT kidding! I still have a request out to Scholastic and FunBrain to add RSS to show new content. So far, no response. Highlights added it last year after an email (of course someone from the magazine then sent out an email asking what the heck RSS was, but I digress).