Nothing To Do With The First Of April

Oh man, I’m flying outta class today, strapping in for a ride to Oakland where I’m delivering a presentation affected by everything I’ve learned from y’all Conference 2.0-ists!

I mean, obviously I’m UStreaming the whole thing but I’m also Skyping in Prensky, Shareski, John Gatto, and John Dewey.

Wait. What?

Yeah. I know he’s dead but if you think that’s gonna stop us you’ve obviously never heard of a little thing I call “Web 2.0.” It’s Resurrectr and I signed on during the private beta, like two years ago. (Four invites left. DM me on Twitter.)

I even improvised a backchannel:

Whenever anyone has a comment, observation, or acronym on her mind, she’s just gonna write it on a piece of binder paper, crumple it up, and huck it into a pile in the middle of the room. People can just root through the pile, find comments they like, and talk ’em out while I natter away at the front about some failures and successes I’ve seen over my last two years integrating digital media into my classrooms. No big deal.

I'm Dan and this is my blog. I'm a former high school math teacher and current head of teaching at Desmos. He / him. More here.


  1. Me lumped in with Dewey, Prensky and Gatto? It’s probably a weird and wild dy/dan shot. The fact I had to google Gatto tells you a lot about my credentials.

  2. I didn’t like Rick Astley in ’87 and I don’t particularly like him much more now….

    On today’s Buzz Out Loud, they suggested that someone take the audio from “Never Gonna Give You Up” and dub it over the video of Fonzie jumping the shark. I leave it to your readers to draw their own conclusions.

    But the bottom line is, I took the bait too. Anything with Shareski’s name on it must be worth checking out (and his three friends too).

  3. “…Skyping in Prensky, Shareski, John Gatto, and John Dewey.”

    Impressive list for such a youngster! Please don’t take that wrong; I know 20+ year vets who haven’t a clue of your list except maybe Dewey. Gives me hope. Know John Holt since you know Gatto? Got me on the RickRoll. :-)

  4. Hey, since we’re sharing upcoming streamed presos ;-), let me just share that I’ll be streaming my presentation at Sacramento County Office of Education:

    Hope you had a happy April Fools day, and thanks for letting me hijack your blog audience to shamelessly (and perhaps pointlessly) plug myself.

    I usually manage to get rid of most of my PP handouts. Don’t know what that says about either of us…

  5. Does it say something about my savvy as a digital, err, old fart, that I still have yet to be rickrolled?

    The closest I ever came was this, and no, I didn’t click.

  6. Dan, you were up at OUSD? Used to work there. Hard crowd (although some real gems did and still do work there). My sympathy. You can watch my Ustream and heckle me if it’ll make you feel any better.

  7. Guess who had to do some googling in order to even realize that she’d been rickrolled five times while reading this five days late? What kind of digital inhabitant does that make me, I wonder.

  8. H, for what it’s worth, it took reading the comments here for me to get it. *shrug* (Though, I think this was only my second time….)