Making Months Of Repetitive Chatter Instantly Worthwhile

In the same Classroom 2.0 thread entitled “Top 3 Blogs to Read?” in which a member asks for the network’s three favorite edublogs:

  1. Mathew Needleman recommends his own blog, Creating Lifelong Learners, without qualification.
  2. Nick Pernisco recommends his own blog, Understand Media, without qualification.

I mean, c’mon, fellas. I spend several hours a day reading my own archives just like anyone else, but calling myself my own favorite edublogger? Not with a straight face. Not in a Ning forum. I mean, if this sorta thing slides by in our social networks, how much longer ’til our classrooms fall?

Plus, as if that weren’t enough fun:

  1. Nancy Bosch qualifies a dy/dan recommendation with: “he irritates the heck out of me.”

Does the edublogosphere need a Gawker? I just registered a few domains, in any case.

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  1. My favorite ed posts, in all honesty, are:

    and yours,

    With all due respect to the 20+ teacher blogs I got on my blogroll and the other potential ones out there. They each have their own uniqueness I can appreciate thoroughly. Then again, I kinda make my choices obvious.

    As far as myself, I’m not as consistently in the edusphere as the rest of you are, so I’m not as cool. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t mind a few hits here and there.

  2. Benjamin, nope, your call all the way.

    Jose, see, that’s how these link solicitations oughtta work. Never heard of that second one there.

  3. @Ben: I click your name, not the link. The link is too ‘in my face’. Clicking on the name seems more personal, like I’m really reaching out to touch you.

    In a good way.

    @Dan: should I make a joke about a font? I just downloaded a font called ‘Children Should Not Play With Dead Things’. Goes great with Lord of the Flies.

  4. I think a Rodney Dangerfield quote might be very appropriate here. Oh, and I know of an employee in our district who nominated herself for classified employee of the year. Takes some stones.

  5. I wrote a long post for them explaining that I wouldn’t recommend giving new blog readers any ed blogger sites. I’d do feeds related to their interests then broaden from there.

    If there interest was really technology then so many pro sites cover new trends, sites and gadgets much better. Use them. There’s a reason they get paid.

    If the teacher was interested in ed sites I’d focus on pairing them as closely as possible with teachers in their situation. Similar grade, subject, demographic who write about concrete uses and results.

    Avoid the Warlick fluffy stuff, hyperposting, continuous “I’m in IL today for . . . ‘ posts.

    Then it seems the comment was eaten (and it was much more eloquent than what’s above- genius even). Maybe I’m a spammer or maybe it was too anti-classroom 2.0.

  6. First, I’m LMAO at a couple things:

    1. Pointing out self-promotion in others

    2. You’re on Twitter, and seemingly following some of our threads even though you aren’t follow any of us

    3. You’re following a Classroom 2.0 forum thread
    …although that might have been Nancy’s kind link to your blog. Maybe I should consider that, I’ll do a link to your blog and say something like, “NOT that I would ever read someone like this!” — Oh wait, you just did that for Matthew, lol.

    Next, we’ll find out your subbed to Will Richardson or David Warlick’s blogs (just for the pictures, I’m sure).

    Oh, and here are few more to boost my technorati

    New article on Oral Language Devleopment, yes it’s suitable for family reading…
    New In Practice post where I welcome Matthew to our blog

    Hey I managed to self promote and promote Matthew at the same time. Thank you Dan for letting me shill on your blog.

  7. I like to set up two diametrically opposed blogs in adjacent windows and watch them fight.

    (Eduwonk and eduwonkette are obvious choices. Eduwonk seems to be on a kick right now complaining that eduwonkette is anonymous. Huh?)

    I do need to get the hang of the self-promotion thing better, for a while there my Technorati rating didn’t even exist.

  8. Definitely the funniest comment stream of the day… Thanks for the laugh!

    Wait, does that make me a total geek? That I even have a ‘funniest comment stream of the day?’ I’ll go ask my buddies on Twitter…

  9. We received nomination forms for district and state teacher of the year last week. The first option they have on them for nominating is a “self-nomination.” The unfortunate thing is that I have worked with some people that would nominate themselves. They aren’t usually the person I’d nominate.

    And now to self promote:
    Dan, I made a video of the truncated tetrahedron activity. I’m in the process of making a better one and a SmartNotebook lesson with the videos embedded. This one was put together quickly.

  10. “He irritates the heck out of me….” but you, like many politicians, quoted me out of context…the rest of the quote…” but it’s refreshing that he actually looks at the best way to teach not just the whiz-bang of the tools. He also makes me think about the design of teaching.”

    I actually meant that in a nice way, many blogger irritate me in a not nice way.

  11. seriously funny.
    now if you would call out all the ‘experts on public education’ that have never worked in it………