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  1. Dan,
    Truly a great video showing process. One thing I noted was even through all of the changes in text, some decisions were made previously and never varied. The big decision was on the font.
    I think that amateurs (like me) will spend hours going through font choices instead of picking a font that achieves the goal and sticking to it.
    Spend the time on format, layout, word choice, word choice, word choice, and layout.
    Stop playing with fonts.

  2. Good grief…I work with InDesign for the yearbook, and some other graphic jobs, but I don’t think I’m ever like this. If so, someone needs to come take me away from my computer.

  3. I viewed it and had some sense of lesson planning sharing elements of this. Of course, the average lesson did not incorporate as much design elements on its face, but the seamless transition between lesson components, engaging individual learners and making the content relevant seem to share some linkage with this. Maybe that’s just my wishful thinking about lesson planning.