Has Anyone Ever Seen Ken Rodoff And Dina Strasser In The Same Room At The Same Time?

Ken Rodoff, comment #14 on Doug Johnson’s post on Twitter etiquette, where the comments know no permalinks:

Take the origin of this comment:

  1. Log on to Twitter
  2. Click on Darren Draper
  3. Click on the link to his blog
  4. Click on his ‘hey, read this’ little blue widget
  5. Read your post
  6. Think about your point
  7. Read the comments (okay, only two…wanna guess?)
  8. Type my comment

Total time so far (Verizon Fios Internet…just thought you should know): 12 minutes.

So, what did I lose over these past 12 minutes:

  1. The washer to dryer exchange that my load of darks so desperately craves.
  2. Making lunch for work tomorrow.
  3. Cleaning something in this house…anything in this house (myself included).
  4. A chance to talk with my wife as all 4 of my children sleep.
  5. A peregrination
  6. The top of the 9th inning of the Red Sox – Twins game.
  7. The beauty of disconnectedness

And it’s #7 here that irks me most of all because it’s the constant addition of things that makes me realize how much I had in the first place.

Dina Strasser, with question #7 in her post, The Skeptic’s Seven Questions About Technology:

Have I sufficiently balanced the use of the tech with the things tech has inherent danger of obliterating:

  1. Environmental sustainability?
  2. An authentic human connection to the students’ local community: home, school, society, and ecosystem?
  3. A multi-sensory, diverse experience of the world?

Sometimes I guess I don’t mind the echo chamber so much.

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