Expecting The Worst

CMC-Northa/k/a Asilomar starts Thursday and I present on Friday.

I have spent, cumulatively, 70+ hours organizing, illustrating, and supplementing a presentation which I have delivered twice to a total of eight people. I’m really proud of these ideas and really eager to discuss them with a larger crowd.

I backed my Keynote slides onto my iPhone yesterday, along with my audio and video supplements. You know, just in case my laptop fries and I have to deliver the whole thing from my mobile phone. Obviously, some part of me hopes my laptop fries.

I'm Dan and this is my blog. I'm a former high school math teacher and current head of teaching at Desmos. He / him. More here.


  1. Wish I was getting there early enough to see it amigo. Probably better for you that I won’t be there to ask dumb questions and be a pain for you!
    Do you think it says something that you’re a Friday speaker??? Hmmm… could go either way on that one…

    Good luck, and maybe I’ll see you on the grounds Saturday.

  2. I understand the iphone backup. I still love my ipod classic because I have iwork and the presentation on it (or imovie and the presentation), just in case for situations like this.

  3. Will you be posting your presentation on the web? I am a graduate student getting my M.Ed. to teach secondary math. I would love to see your pesentation.

  4. So you really do take the whole presentation/conference thing seriously? I hope you devise some means of sharing it beyond the conference. Would love to see some audio along with your obviously spectacularly designed slide deck.

  5. Start with a story.
    Identify a problem.
    Pose a solution.

    Hope you wow your audience and make them feel validated for attending. You’d hate for them to leave thinking, ‘ugh…why did I waste my time’.

    Although, curiously, does time spent in prep have any correlation to audience approval?

    Is the 70+hours spent on prep more for you or the audience? I mean, if you’re confident and competent with your content, is 70+ hours a tad egregious?

    Either way, I’m sure I’d attend. And I wouldn’t Twitter at all (at least during the session).

  6. Love the title…I’m sure I’m not the only one who can’t make this conference but whose curiosity has been piqued here…any thoughts to putting your slides up somewhere so the rest of us can benefit from your hard work and great ideas??? Might result in some added discussion and more ideas being generated…

    Just a thought. Best wishes for a great presentation. :-)

  7. @Jenn, bummer you won’t be there. It’d be a kick to see how we’ve changed our methods since UCD. I sort of suspect I’m a Friday speaker on account of my unknown status to CMC although maybe I’m out on the fringe because they know things.

    @Sarah, sick, you’ll be at Asilomar? It’s the same presentation, re-tooled a great deal. Buyer beware.

    @Hai, I’ll post a few resources to the web. The Slideshare files are already online, for instance.

    @Dean or anyone: what is the best way to record my session audio? I have an iPhone, my MacBook’s onboard mic, a bluetooth headset, etc.

    @Ken, the 70+ hours include the evolution of this preso over two sessions. Fair to say, I take the visual organization of the thing as seriously as I do the textual organization, tweaking images and alignment as much as I do whole activities. It’s like my bonsai tree. I get a Zen-like satisfaction from pruning.

  8. Oh, I wish I’d be at Asilomar. Sadly my school’s not big on conferences unless they’re on Native culture (even when they’re local). California’s too far away. My comment just meant that I have looked at your old slide deck. (And feel like I listened to audio with it. Did I just dream that up?)

  9. Dan , So I’m doing a webinar tomorrow for teachers and Tech Coaches in PA, and of course, I have a PowerPoint. I’ve spent time on it, design and organization, rehearsal and timing, but giving a webinar always has a massive feeling of disconnectedness. I have no concept of audience reaction and any hope of hands-on activities go bye-bye. It’s like speaking in a cave. Where’s the reward in that?