Excerpted – 3/31/08

To come to work here in Clayton County, a failing school district in Georgia, former Pittsburgh superintendent John Thompson wants $275,000 in salary, a $2 million consulting budget, a Lincoln Town Car with a driver, and money to pay a personal bodyguard.

Patrik Jonsonn, citing many good reasons for me to take up the district admin track. [Christian Science Monitor]

I’ve been a Diigo user for two years come July. Seems like everybody and their grannies have adopted it in a Twitter-induced stampede over the last two days…. I’ve been evangelizing Diigo on these pages since day one.

Clay Burell, who would like you to know that, between the two of you, he found Diigo first. By two years come July. [Beyond School; OLDaily]

I used to think that blogging had the potential to have a huge influence on how education could unfold in this country, and by extension in other systems around the world.

Graham Wegner, experiencing either a crisis of faith or a moment of clarity. [Teaching Generation Z]

Forget the stuff about belonging, generational inertia, cultural identity, fitting in, and living in no-choice neighborhoods, E. is drawing a clear connection between his increased gang-affiliation and resulting beating with an inability to construct and conceive of fun.

TMAO, recoding generations of gang affiliation in one powerful anecdote. [RoomD2]

First, there are far too many sessions. The conference program they give you is the size of a phonebook. Seriously, it’s huge. Maybe not a big phonebook, but it’s bigger than the books you buy at ed tech conferences by popular speakers. It’s big and heavy.

Chris Craft, defining “session glut.” [Crucial Thought]

So in looking at session selection policy, is it any wonder that this method leads to homogenous, cookie cutter selections that represent the acceptable norm? Shouldn’t we be concerned that in times that call for radical change, the standard method for conference session selection is biased against radical proposals?

Sylvia Martinez, explaining why K12 Online Conference repeatedly rejects my keynote proposals. [Generation Yes Blog]

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