Everything In Its Right Place

I found this slidedeck today during my usual Internet skulking. I have never heard of these “wiki” things and I don’t know the author, but perhaps we can profit still from her hard work.

This representative slide explains clearly what several thousand of my own words, thus far, have not:

God created slides and handouts for different purposes.

The designer pushes text and images into a single slide at the expense of both. Recognizing that slideware is great for images and paper is great for text, how would this look had she:

  1. enlarged the screenshots to fill the entire frame?
  2. laid out the technical instructions on a paper handout?

Great, that’s how.

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  1. Brian Cormier

    May 21, 2008 - 6:52 am -

    Every time I have to sit through a power point presentation I think of you. More than half of them involve almost the entire script for slides, so I end up reading it faster than they say it and get annoyed at how slowly they read. Either give me the text to read or say it to me, but don’t do both.

  2. This is so simple and useful.

    I cringe thinking about what I’ve done to parents, particularly during open house nights.

    Next October will be different!

  3. I was in the midst of composing a post about pbwiki (and wikis in general) for teachers when I took a break to do a little blogroll reading. And here you are posting about wikis…

    Wikis of this sort seem right up your alley Dan — rather than posting your lesson materials on your own blog, you can edit and post them in collaboration with many others, on web pages that are more organized and searchable – like smaller versions of Wikipedia. Some are password protected, and others, like Wikipedia, are open to anyone to add and edit….


  4. Dan: What about your slides for class? Can you show us some slides and corresponding handouts? Thanks!

  5. Can power point PLEASE get a new name?

    I read and hear so many blog posts and edu-chatter (“Edu-chatter Copyright of Andrew Marcinek Ltd.) about evolving power point presentations. Maybe it’s just me, but, “I’m mad as hell and I can’t take the term power point anymore!” (Peter Finch would agree).

    Microsoft can have one of those “Summer Fun ’08 Naming” contests on a Seattle radio station and the winner can give a _____________ Presentation on how he or she came up with the new namesake of all future presentations.

    Mr. Gates, tear down this name!

  6. @Ken: George Lucas Educational Foundation owns me (insert sad emoti-con) – George Lucas Educational Foundation owns the right to everything produced in the classroom by Andrew Marcinek and exclusive rights to the sad emoti-con